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Monday, January 25, 2010

water water everywhere

I've been playing Amy's water game today and it has to be one of the least fun games I've ever played (no offense Amy). I think it is the water here in my building. It tastes kinda funky. I will have to break down a buy a water filter/pitcher this weekend so that next week the water won't be so blech.

I was reading online trying to figure out just exactly how much water I should be drinking. Everyone knows the old 8oz x 8 rule but I heard several years ago that really your consumption should be based on a more personal factors like weight, activity level, etc. So, I googled it. According to About.com:Nutrition at 280lbs doing 30mins of exercise, I should be drinking 143oz of water a day! That's nearly 8oz x 18! It goes on to say that I can assume that I get 20% of my daily requirement from food which brings me down to 114oz or 15 cups. Holy Water Intake, Batman!

Take the quiz - see what it says about your water consumption.

waiting game

Our life here in the Wood house has been hectic lately. First Aidan was really sick - so sick in fact that he had to get antibiotic shots daily for almost a week! Then of course being the good mother that I am, I got it too. So off to the doc for my shots I went. I had 2 projects due at work and I didn't want to do either! After that we were in a mad rush to get Dalton's pinewood derby car finished and to the race this past Saturday.

WHEW! I am glad the past 2 weeks are over. This week will probably be a difficult one as we are anticipating the stepkids mom's death anytime now. While it will be a very hard thing to do at least it will bring some closure to the past year.

On the weight loss front ... after a marvelous showing in last week's Love to Love myself challenge this past week I was a bit slower. Down 2 lbs this week which of course is standard but it was nice to be the superstar at last week's weigh-in.

I think I am going to play Amy's water bottle game this week to see if it helps. I've got my sharpie all ready to go!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

calling the sisterhood of traveling clothes

I hate to beg ... but I am not above it!

I am down to my last pair of 28 jeans and I still can't fit into the 26s! Does anyone out there have some old 28s that they would be willing to send my way? I promise to pass them on when I finally get into a 26.

Thanks for the help!