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Monday, January 25, 2010

water water everywhere

I've been playing Amy's water game today and it has to be one of the least fun games I've ever played (no offense Amy). I think it is the water here in my building. It tastes kinda funky. I will have to break down a buy a water filter/pitcher this weekend so that next week the water won't be so blech.

I was reading online trying to figure out just exactly how much water I should be drinking. Everyone knows the old 8oz x 8 rule but I heard several years ago that really your consumption should be based on a more personal factors like weight, activity level, etc. So, I googled it. According to About.com:Nutrition at 280lbs doing 30mins of exercise, I should be drinking 143oz of water a day! That's nearly 8oz x 18! It goes on to say that I can assume that I get 20% of my daily requirement from food which brings me down to 114oz or 15 cups. Holy Water Intake, Batman!

Take the quiz - see what it says about your water consumption.


  1. hahahah....well, I tried! I always have heard you divide your weight in half...and that is how many ounces you should be drinking!

  2. I just took the quiz....I should be drinking 142 oz. I need a bigger water bottle......

  3. That's crazy!! This means that I need to drink at least 98 ounces of water!! I can get in 64, but NOT 98!!

  4. YIKES! I need to be getting 15 8oz. servings a day. We better hurry up and invest in public water works, or at least Charmin!

    Oh and Nicole, I will take you up on your offer to chase me while roaring. I imagine the laughs we will get will burn more calories than a brisk walk!