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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WARNING: extreme grossness ahead, dainty ladies do not read!

I swear my child is the infectious incubator for the World Health Organization. He comes home with something new every week! This weekend it happened to be a stomach virus. Poor kid threw up all night Saturday then his Nana, who had been watching him at our house, threw up all day Sunday. His sister got sick Monday afternoon. Well, guess who was next? That's right - me.

I was really nervous about getting sick and how it would work with the band. I took Pep-to, Imodium, Dramamine all in an effort to stave off the nauseousness. I was freaking myself out wondering if I should go in for an emergency unfill or just try to struggle through it. Unfortunately, the puking started before I could make that decision.

I know we all have been sick prior to the band and that we learn how to PB gracefully afterward ... but let me tell you ladies - there is nothing like full-on vomiting after the band. It is an eruption of ground shaking proportions. All of that pent up yuckiness forcing its way through the tiny hole made by our band. It was so forceful that I actually peed every time I threw up. I told my husband that it can't get much more sad than crouching over the toilet puking while pee is running down your leg.

I'm going to call the doc this morning to see if he wants to make sure that my band is still in proper position. That would be the worst of it ... having to go back in to surgery all because of a stupid stomach virus!


  1. Oh, been there...but I had taken some of DD's Zofran so it wasn't too bad. And I wasn't filled. I'm so sorry...perhaps ask your doc if you can just have a prescription for Zofran so you're prepared for the next time.

    Hope you are feeling better SOON!

  2. You POOR thing! I still in almost a year banded haven't had a real puke, and I consider myself very lucky. I KNOW I would pee myself too, haha. You poor thing, feel better! I have a tummy bug too right now, but luckily (?) everything is headed in a downwards direction. xxx

  3. Oh Nicole.. I am not a good puker even unbanded so I dread the first incident.. I will probably let all bodily functions go.. I cry when I puke... like a baby.. Hope you are feeling better by now..

  4. I'm so sorry that you are having to endure the stomach flu Nicole!!

    I guess I am really lucky that I don't have any young children living with me that could bring in all the illness out there! My daughter is 35 yrs old!

    I too am terrified of what would happen if I did actually get the flu and had a lot of vomiting!!

    I hope you feel better real soon! Please let us know how it goes!

  5. I haven't had to throw up yet- it does seem scary. Let us know how it goes.

  6. How frightening! And horrible... and my son preferred to vomit on me when he had stomach viruses when he was 3 and 4 years old.
    "Mommy, I have to throw up, pick me up..." And even though it was gross, I was even more upset for my little one.... isn't it amazing what moms will do for kids?

    Anyhow: glad to see you back again... and I agree about the zofran and may get an rx of it myself for just the same situation.
    I hope everything is ok with your band.

  7. Oh that sound awful! Hope you're better...my doc gave me anti-vomit pills. Just found your blog, I'm here:

  8. Oh how awful...I so hope your band is still in place. I hate vomiting ....

  9. How are you doing? Is everyone getting better, are you feeling better????

  10. How did it go? what did the dr. day? My son is puking tonight and now I am SCARED!!! but like you, I guess if it is going to hit it will hit!