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Thursday, May 13, 2010

tomorrow we report!

Re-port that is. I will check into the hospital about 8:30 and hopefully Dr. Enochs will be on schedule and I'll be re-ported around 10:30. I can't believe this is actually happening - stupid flipped port.

My husband and parents will all be there waiting nervously. The nurse said it should only take like 15mins so I hope to be home by mid-afternoon.

I'm not sure how much fluid he is actually going to put in the band during the procedure but I hope it doesn't leave me even less restricted than I am now. I don't want to gain any more weight!!

Wish me luck, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Good luck! I went through this myself and it was no big thing. My port flipped a month or so after my banding and the surgery was quick. I was just under twilight and can remember most of the surgery... I remember seeing everyone in the OR.

    I was sore afterwards but it wasn't too bad. I think I got a couple ccs during the surgery. (I had not had a fill previous to that due to the flip.)

    No worries, you will do great!

  2. So glad to hear that you are finally getting this resolved!!

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

    Let us know how it went when you can.


  3. Good luck.. sending quick recovery vibes your way...

  4. Good luck Nicole! Hopefully this will get you back on track.

  5. well, i'm a couple of days behind, but i hope your port revision went well. good luck to you and this should resolve your issues. keep us posted. i'm sure by now you're doing much better.