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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

having a moment

I just realized that 3 weeks from tomorrow I will be banded. OMG - 3 weeks!!!

It didn't seem so close last week when they told me that October 2nd was open. But now when I look at the calendar, it just seems so soon. If my doctor was one to require pre-surgery liquids, I'd be on my last week of real food!

I'm not one of those people who have been thinking about surgery for years. I honestly didn't think I would ever do it until I was exhausted and sweaty from lugging my 6 month old (now 10 month old) into daycare every day. He is the reason I want to be thin. I want to be able to chase him while he is young, not be the awkward fat mom at school functions, and live long enough to be a grandma to his kids. I have made this happen very quickly in just 4 months and for some reason today the quickness just seems overwhelming. I'm not backing down just having a freak out moment here at work!

I can't imagine what Lynn (http://blubberyblogger.blogspot.com/) went through finding out that her sugery would be in 2 days! Although, maybe that would be better than knowing in advance. That way you only have a couple of days to freak out. Kudos to Lynn though, she is doing great already. I hope Dr. Enochs can do my surgery through the bellybutton, too!!


  1. That is amazing and I am so excited for you! Mine process went very quickly also, and like you, I hadnt been thinking about WLS for years. But I figured what did I have to lose (except hopefully weight)!

  2. It so natural to get stressed out at a certain point because it becomes real. I was terrified because I had never had surgery of any kind before. I totally understand about not wanting to be the fat Mom- I've done that for 5 years and I'm over it. We all want to be the hot Mom.

  3. You're going to do great!! It's natural you start thinking of the what ifs.. but try to look at the what if's in a good way.. what if I DONT get banded.. where will I be in five years. Chances are you will be the same.
    Very excited for you!!

  4. Good luck - no worries - it will all be okay, and hopefully you'll have as great an experience as so many of us have had!

  5. I think everybody "freak out" when they realize how close it is or that it's finally coming to fruition. I don't think the long or short journey matters, it's just the excitement/nervousness that your life is about to change. Just go with the blow. Blog it out if you feel overwhelmed.

  6. YAY you have a date!!!!:) Don't freak out- you'll do great! Dr. Enochs did a great job- did you see the pictures of my incisions? You can't even see them anymore, it's crazy! I can't say much for his staff (they stink!) but Dr. Enochs is wonderful, and that is all that matters.

    Your day will be here before you know it, but until then, just live like you always have and don't worry about it!