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Monday, September 14, 2009

liquid preparation

Lately, every time my husband and I got to Wal-Mart I look through the protein/meal replacement/breakfast shakes they have spread throughout the pharmacy section. Yet, instead of purchasing some to try out before surgery, I leave empty handed. Billy keeps telling me - you need to try something now so we can stock up before hand. But I just can't seem to spend the money on them when I'm not even sure I will like them.

I drank chocolate Slim-fast a lonnnnnnnnnng time ago when it was in the little metal can and it was ok. But there are so many different brands and flavors now. Where do I even begin? What types of shakes/drinks to you ladies enjoy and where do you get them? Do I need to purchase them from GNC or my doctor - or will Wal-mart suffice?



  1. I like the slimfast ones and I think they are fine for meal replacement. I also have just started the carnation choc milk one, that is jamm packed w/ vitamins, it's still in limbo.

  2. I drink the carnation instant breakfast (sometimes with 1/2 scoop of unjury unflavored protein for an extra boost). I enjoy it and actually look forward to it on some days. You need to find something you can tolerate BEFORE surgery! I did not, and I really struggled the first couple of weeks.

  3. just buckle down and buy a few. it is worth it. I drank the slim-fast protein shake (different than the normal old fashioned ones). I actually really liked the vanilla. I also drank the adkins protein shakes. Strawberry and chocolate are pretty good. Lots of people like the Muscle Milk...but the one I got, cookies and cream, I couldnt even get down.

  4. I bought the Atkins ones in the little boxes. I tried them all. I was rather tired of chocolate and drinking something and was so excited to move onto mushies!! I also got protein powder from GNC and mixed it with skim milk when I was @ home to save on $$ on the pre made shakes. Don't just buy chocolate....cuz you might get burned out on it like I did. ;-)

  5. Hey! First of all, CALL ME. Aaaaaaacccckkkk. I can't find your number! :)

    Secondly, my husband (and his patients) have literally tried HUNDREDS of protein shakes and they finally have agreed on one of them tasting the best. I personally love it. It's called Designer Whey- chocolate flavored. (at www.Designerwhey.com) My husband can probably get a discount, so let me know if it is too much moolah! Talk to you soon! I am getting so excited for you!!! :)

  6. Scratch the above website, apparently you can get it at half the price at places like:

    Do some searching around!

  7. I started out on Carnation Instant Breakfast and then after reading the blog-- "world according to eggface" every day, she (shelly) raved about Ultimate Protein or Max Protein (same product different names) you can only buy it at GNC (non-corporate owned stores) It is a Large bottle (about size of gallon of milk) cost is $40 and is SO GOOD! I love it and check out her blog she has a ton of protein shake recipes. Also nice thing is it is only 118 calories for one scoop and like 20 grams of protein. It has been a lifesaver for me.

  8. you all are the best!! i knew i could get some good reviews.

    i'll try to call you tomorrow, lynn. hope all is well!