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Thursday, June 25, 2009

First of many appointments

I had my initial visit with the bariatric surgical office last week. It was supposed to be first thing Tuesday morning but due to a 2 HOUR traffic delay ... I had to reschedule for that afternoon. Unfortunately, that meant that Husband could not go with me. He was bummed.

I met with the nurse practitioner who went over the details of the surgery and how I am at the high-end of the BMI scale for lap-band. She questioned whether or not I really wanted to do lap-band vs. gastric bypass and I told her I was 110% committed to going the lap-band route. I have seen what gastric bypass can do (via my sister's surgery) but I really prefer something much safer/less invasive.

They weighed me on the biggest scale I have ever seen. It was exactly what I thought it would be - 320lbs. See weight history.

After that it was mostly paperwork and of course writing that magic check to get the whole process underway. Interesting though that I actually didn't meet with the surgeon. They save that for visit 2 after all my test results have been received.

I've got several appointments/tests coming up in the next few weeks. They would have been almost been done by now except I have been sidelined with pneumonia. Lots of coughing fun! The lung doctor says that I should be well enough to proceed with the other tests in another 2 weeks. I've scheduled the nutritionist and psychologist in the mean time - hope they don't care if I cough my way through the sessions.

Husband says he would write me a note stating that I am indeed crazy if it meant we could avoid paying the psychologist. I doubt the insurance folks would take his note but it could be worth a shot! Who know's me better than him?

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