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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weight history to June 2009

I never thought I was overweight as a kid. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the skinnest girl in the class but I wasn't the biggest either.

Puberty came and along with it my mother's big boobs! No matter what I ate/didn't eat there they were. I was an active pre-teen, I took dance lessons and danced on a school sponsored team. But I never looked as skinny as the other girls.

In high school, I dieted and dieted. But no matter what I did I still had big boobs and big hips. My prom dress was a size 18.

Weight History:

1997: senior year HS - 196lbs (BMI 31.6 - I had no idea I was obsese at 18)
1998: freshman 15 err 25 - 220lbs
1999: tore ACL and became non-active - 230lbs
2000: counciled by registered dietician - 250lbs
2001-2005: trying to find the numbers
2006: start weight-watchers - 282lbs
2007: wedding day - 249lbs
2008: pre-pregnancy - 289lbs, end-of-pregnancy - 372lbs
2009: january - 330lbs, june - 320lbs (BMI 51.2)

Pre-Surgery Weight - TBD
Realistic Goal Weight - 180lbs
Government Goal Weight - 130lbs (that would give me a BMI of 21 "perfect" according to the US gov't)

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  1. I am your first follower! I just wanted to say hi and thanks for posting on my blog! We are the same age and practically have the same starting weight!

    I am excited to follow your journey!