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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yet another test

Got a call from the Dr. today letting me know that I need to have an MRI as part of my pre-surgical workup. This is not part of the regular pre-op program so I was totally caught off guard.

The first lady I spoke with tried to reassure me that this "just needs to be done sometimes." Of course that answer didn't cut it for me and my control issues. So I've called back and now I am waiting for a nurse to call me.

Anyone else have to have an MRI as part of pre-op testing?


  1. No. And I cant wait to hear why. I will be thinking about you so keep me posted.

  2. I've never heard of doing an MRI before surgery. Wonder what that's about. Hope it all goes well and let us know :)

  3. No, like Amy and Dash I've never heard of that. I'll keep checking in. The good thing is that they're doing the MRI and you'll have more info soon.