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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

broccoli n cheese soup for the soul

Thanks for all the encouragement. I think it just hit me this morning when I got on the scale and then after that opened last night's mail to see my pre-insurance billing statement from the hospital for $25,000. My husband asked "Can we give it back"? Fortunately, he was just kidding and is very supportive. He even offered to go on liquids with me but of course I didn't make him do it. Why would I wish this on anyone?

Tonight I am moving on to a new kind of soup - roasted potato and garlic (blended). So far I've had lots of tomato and strained broccoli n cheese. Ohh, it be marvelous to taste something new.

Yesterday, I was plugging my calories into the counter on fitday.com (thanks Brooke) and since I didn't have the package of broccoli n cheese soup here with me at work I Googled the nutrition facts. Now, mind you, I have been devouring it at least once a day since Saturday. My eyes about popped out of my head when I read 170 calories per 1/4 cup. I've been eating a whole cup and that is a whopping 680 calories! I just knew that wasn't right. I wouldn't have purchased something like that. Or did I in my OMG I GET TO BE ON FULL LIQUIDS HIGH purchase something so rich and calorie laden?

I decided that it couldn't be right. I wouldn't have done that. And on my way home stopped by the grocery store to confirm said decision. I quickly turned over the packet and low-n-behold there it was 170 calories per 1/4 cup!!!! But then in little letters beside 1/4 cup it said "(dry)" and near there it also said "1/4 dry makes 1 cup liquid." Ahhh sweet surrender, I had only been eating 1 serving at 170 calories not 4 servings at 680!

Lesson learned, don't trust online nutrition facts that aren't directly from the company's website.


  1. Ouch! This calorie counting can be a pain in the butt sometimes lol It makes us all to aware (I have started the exact same thing on an Aussie version - calorie king.) It amazes me how quickly the calories add up.. it really does.

  2. I love(d) broccoli cheese soup but by the end of my liquids I think I was sick of every kind of soup!! It is going to be a while before I have the urge to eat most soups again. I do love me some Tortilla soup though!

  3. HEY YOU GO GIRL!! doing better than i did! i spent my days eating potato and leek or pumpkin soup! you think yours is alot of calories!! trust me its nothing compared to the 3 servings of potato and leek soup I was having around the same time as you! and hey I still managed to leave 19lb from the begining of optifast till 3 weeks post op!

    your doing well!

    THE biggest thing is to listen to your body! I mean I have just moved back on to solids! AND I devoured a packet of crisps, 5 mrs fields mini cookies, a musili biscutt,1 milo bar and another chocolate peanut bar. PLUS MORE!! i am out of control!

    and it took me a good 45 minute walk to say enough is enough Allie. you can't destroy this again. I have also booked myself in to emergency psychology and dietitian tomorrow so HOPEFULLY they can help me gain control again!

    with no fill I am finding it reallly hard to stick to my new healthy eating! but one day at a time... one day at a time!