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Saturday, October 17, 2009

saturdays of the soccer mom

We had soccer today, like every Saturday in the fall and spring. I'm not really sure what the game of soccer is supposed to look like but most of the time it's just 13 yr old stepson running up and down the field. I do have to admit I wish he was playing football. At least then I would understand the game and how to cheer him on.

It has turned cold all of a sudden with high temps in the 60s (yes, that's cold for this time of year in NC). I realized this morning the only pants I had to wear to his game were work pants. This time last year I was in the hospital on bedrest waiting for Aidan to make his arrival and in the spring it was warm enough to wear shorts. I told my husband I had no weekend pants and that before next weekends game I needed to go buy at least one pair. So off I went into the closet to see if I could find a pair of weekend-maternity pants that would pass as regular pants. I pulled out a pair and was sadly getting ready to put them on when I came across a pair of jeans.

Now you have to you have to understand that I haven't worn jeans since the very beginning of my pregnany because I could never find any maternity jeans that I liked. And after having Aidan I couldn't fit into any of my old ones. I tried on all my 28s after most of my pregnancy weight was gone and none of them fit. I went shopping for jeans sometime in the spring hoping to find a pair that I liked and that fit. No luck.

So today when I grabbed an old pair out of the closet, I thought here we go again. Over my feet, up my calves, over the knees, up the thighs, around the waist ... and ... ZIP. OMG they zipped up! I couldn't believe it. I literally danced my way in to see my husband to show him. I imagine he wasn't as overcome with joy as I was but he said congratulations. I even called my mom on the way to the soccer game to tell her the good news. She's like me (or I guess rather I'm like her) and gets excited about little things too.

Although you can't see the fact that they are zipped - check it out - jeaned legs!! Another in hopefully a long line of NSVs.


  1. Nicole, I am so super excited for you! Fitting into old pants has got to be one of the BEST feeling NSVs!!! I am glad that your first visit went well. I haven't seen Dr. E since I woke up after surgery, and that was for a split second, literally. I don't think we'll ever see him again! :( O'well. I saw his PA Brett who was uber-awesome. You'll love him!

  2. WOW! Nice going.. what a great NSV. It's so exciting to get back into clothes you never though you would wear again.. for you jeans.. for me a dress.. You rock!!!!!!!

  3. Great!! I feel your joy!! How exciting!! ;-)

  4. YAY for you!! Sing it sister, and continue onwards towards so many more victories...

  5. Congrats on the jeans victory!! I have a pair of jeans that I cannot wait to fit into again (and then for them to get too baggy for me to wear) every victory is pure joy, no matter how small!!

  6. Nothing like an old pair of jeans. They are so comforting - well when you can zip them up they are the best feeling ever!

  7. Awesome!

    Nothing like that feeling of pants zipping up that haven't been worn in a long time. I probably have five different sizes in my closet and it's always wonderful when I can pull out a pair that haven't seen the light of day in a good long while.

    On the bright side regarding the soccer...My friends who have older children always told me to be sure I never let my children play baseball because it takes way too long with little children who aren't any good at it. LOL I always thought that was funny. Now that I have a child with autism, I would give my left arm to be able to put him in any sport at all...even baseball or soccer. Don't get me wrong, it could happen someday but right now it's hard to fathom.

    So long story short, it's a blessing that you are sitting on that field on a Saturday morning - even if you don't understand the game enough to cheer him on. ;)

  8. wohooo you isn't getting those pesky 'too small' closes out of your closet onto your body the best feeling in the world!

    Jeans...the clothing item we love and the band of our existence. I have just had my own tussle with that beast. I am glad you won a round with them :)

    Soccer-oh my goodness I know it is not a nice parenty thing to say but I HATE sitting and watching my children play sports. I have lived through softball, soccer, cross country, track and field, basketball volleyball and gymnastic (I have all girls). I always went, I always cheered but I never enjoyed.

    My eight year old(and youngest) has recently taken up horseback riding. For the first time I half-way enjoy watching and walking around the stables petting the cats and other horses.

    For soccer it is pretty easy-figure out which end they are supposed to hit the ball into and just say gooo gooo you can do it good going. over and over when the ball is going that direction :)

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog.. yes: the waiting is definitely hard, but 1/4/10 (my band-day) will soon be here... keep posting!

  10. Hey there- good news with the jeans.

    Isn't it weird how we know we're losing, and we can look at a pair of jeans from skinnier days and still think they won't fit and then be really surprised when they do?

    I do that all the time. It's almost as if I don't *trust* that I've lost weight unless I actually fit into a smaller size, the scale always seems so unreliable and as if it has it's own agenda!

    LOL. Congrats.

  11. As soon as you can, go through your closet and purge it of any clothes that are too big. It's a fabulous feeling! Congratulations!

  12. Yeah for old jeans that fit :) As for the soccer, if you learn a little about how the game works, you will probably come to love it (and the fact that your son is going to get far more valuable exercise time playing soccer than football!)