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Thursday, October 15, 2009

post-op visit

Went to see the doctor this morning for my post-op visit. I actually saw the Family Nurse Practioner instead of Dr. Enochs which stuck me as odd since everyone I spoke with in the office had been calling it "your appointment with Dr. Enochs." Fortunately, she's really nice and I feel very confortable with her.

She congratulated me on my 21lb loss (I read 299.8 fully clothed!!) and said that my incisions looked so good she didn't think I would have any scaring. I laughed and told her that these little cuts were nothing compared to my c-section scar. I have a 14cc AP-L band. And that it is primed with 2-3ccs but that it shouldn't cause any restriction yet as the 2-3ccs should just be in the tubing.

The best news is that she told me I could skip the puree stage and go straight to mushies/soft. YEAH - BYE BYE Liquids!! As soon as I left the doc I headed to the grocery store to pick up some things for work. I got grits, applesauce, and my favorite kajun krab dip (ala faux crab). I had the grits for a late breakfast but I made them too runny so they didn't stick around very long. The krab dip mmmmmmmmm is soooooo good. I only had like 2 tablespoons worth but man was it tasty. I even bought some thin crackers to put it on and they went down well. All in all I have had a very yummy day and only up to 330 calories. Looks like I may be having some more dip as a snack! The best way to eat it is on celery but I'll save the stringy stuff until I am a bit further out.

The tech that took my blood pressure and weight recommended that I try these protein shakes made by OhYeah. She swears they are delicious and with low calories, low carbs and 32g of protein definitely worth checking out. Anyone tried them before?

I go back in 2 weeks for my first fill. I won't be seeing Dr. Enochs yet again but instead is PA Brian. Lynn over at The Blubber Blog says that he is really nice so hopefully all will go well then.

The weather is much better today than it has been so I think I will take the little one on a stroll tonight. He loves pointing and jabbering at all the things in the neighborhood. I can't wait until I can actually jog with my jogging stroller. Maybe by the spring?


  1. Whoo 21 pounds down. That's just brilliant. Here's to the next 21! And great that you're exercising

  2. Sounds like a great appt and so happy to hear you're down 21 lbs--- yes!!!!

    I can only run/jog on the treadmill so I have a similar goal of being able to jog in spring. Let's cheer each other on!

  3. So where did they tell you could get the shakes? I sure would like to find some that were more portable than my ziplock bag of powder :)


  4. I had a sample of this brand and it wasn't my favorite. It isn't too bad, but tastes a little watery to me. I am not a fan of chocolate or bannana flavored water, but then I never seem to like the prebottled health drinks. I found mine at BariatricEating.com, but I also saw them at Meijer.