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Monday, November 2, 2009

one month bandiversary and life update

Today is my one month bandiversary. I feel like I should be more excited than I actually am. I've lost 22lbs in a month, I can fit into some of my old jeans, and I know I am eating so much less than I used to. It's just, sigh, I haven't lost a pound in 2 weeks!!!! I am finally going to get my first fill on Thursday and I hope that will get me losing again.

Things have been busy the past 2 weeks, though. I spent a few days with my 92 yr old grandmother while she was in the hospital. It's so sad to have someone who means so much to you not even know who you are most of the time. However, I wouldn't trade the 3 minutes out of every hour that she knew who I was for anything in the world. It was hard being in my hometown with all my favorite restaurants. I did really well though - no trips to Ham's, Chico's, or Ernie's. All my favorite possessive nouns! They didn't possess me this time though.

My son had his 1st birthday last week. You can check out his b-day pics if you are interested. Of course we had lots of cake. My husband made his famous 10 layer cake. It is to die for. How could anyone pass up 10 layers of luscious yellow cake (2 boxes) and milk chocolate frosting (2 containers)? That would be me but only b/c of the band. I didn't have any cake on his actual birthday because I had eaten a piece of pizza and was so full. I did; however, have 1/2 a piece the next two nights! It was a damn good substitute for dinner. HA!

We have two more kids birthdays coming in November. I think we will get a cheap sheet cake that I won't even want to touch!

Then of course it was Halloween. I decided after spending way too much time looking at costumes that one of my goals for next year is to fit into a store-bought costume. It can be a plus size one but lord it has been years since I have even tried on a costume, let alone purchased one. I want to be a pirate wench. I will achieve that goal! We had an eventful Halloween night. Aidan decided to climb the stairs while his daddy and I were busy telling the 12yr old to get her costume on. He of course fell and bumped his noggin and then did not want to put his costume on. In the mean time, we had the dogs inside so that they wouldn't bark all night and Sam, our chewer, found a tube of steroid hand cream. He proceeded to puncture it and eat all of the petroleum based cream. I called Animal Poison Control (800-2131-6680 for all animal parents) and after charging us their standard $35 fee, they said he would be poopy and thirsty but just fine. We finally got Aidan in his costume, got the spooky make-up on the big kids and headed out. Aidan made 3 houses and then said he had had enough. Fortunately, my parents were there for the night, so he got to go home while the big kids trick-or-treated some more. You should see all the candy.

I am listening to Christmas music at work today. Can we just bypass Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas?

I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of blogs that I've been following lately:

http://wellfiddledeedee.blogspot.com/ - her NSV post made me excited to see the changes in my body (right now all i am getting is smaller boobs!)

http://stardusticsjourney.blogspot.com/ - join the turkey challenge and set a Thanksgiving goal (if we are going to celebrate it, we might as well use it!)

http://andjustwhowereyouexpecting.blogspot.com/ - her costume made me pee in my pants (anyone else think it looks like a turkey?)

Hope everyone has a great week. I'm determined to lose at least 1 more pound before my fill on Thursday. I can do it!


  1. Nicole 22 pounds is amazing in a month!!I have to ask is it Ham's in High Point or Greensboro? I grew up there- I love the potato chips and ranch there. Good job resisting those.

  2. Far out.. 22 pounds in a month is excellent work.. truly is. I know its frustrating to lose, lose, lose then suddenly the brakes go on.. but things will start to shift again. No doubt about it.
    PS Tell your husband he makes an amazing cake. I couldn't get over the picture. It looks great!!

  3. Whoa, 22 pounds is awesome! And that cake looks great too.

    You will lose again after your first fill, hang in there!