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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bandster Quiz

Bandster Quiz

1. How long have you been banded? 1 month, 2 weeks

2. What was your highest pre-band weight? / Current weight now? / Total lost to date? 321/294/27

3. What is your best "go-to" food to get in your protein? cottage cheese

4. What is your favorite protein brand/shake? I don't drink them very often but it is Carnation Sugar Free

5. What food do you miss the most now being post-band? Fresh chewy bagels (good answer Angie) or yeast rolls slattered in honey butter

6. What is your favorite "mushy" food? cajun crab dip

7. What was your worst PB experience? I've only PB'd once so far and it started infront of my parents, my children, and my husband.

8. What has been the hardest part of this journey so far for you? Being patient with the slow fill process. I want restriction NOW!

9. What is your best NSV to date? Expanding my wardrobe by bringing out clothes that I haven't been able to wear in years.

10. What is your top non-weight goal for your band? (top NSV maybe?) To no longer be the fat sister. My sister was always heavier than me growing up. Then one day she had gastric bypass. All of a sudden (or so it seemed) I was now the fat sister. My ultimate goal is for us to both be the skinny sisters!

11. What is your goal weight or size? I'd like to be a size 12. I'd be smaller than my mom then. I'm sure that hasn't been the case since I was in middle school.

12. What band "rule" do you live by (i.e. don't cheat on)? Protein first

13. What band "rule" do you not follow as much or aren't so good at? I drink soda.

14. What is your goal "reward"? Knee surgery when I get under 200 and plastic surgery when I am at goal.

15. In the spirit of Thanksgiving being right around the corner (US), what are you most thankful for, post-band? I am thankful to have such a loving support system. There is no way that I could have made it this far without them. I am also thankful that this holiday season I will be skinnier than I have been in 2 years.


  1. Yeehaw!

    I wouldn't mind being the skinny sister, either :-)

  2. Inspiring!

    I'd love your cajun crab dip recipe, please!


  3. Cajun crab dip recipe!! We demand it! ;)

  4. Cajun crab dip sounds really yum - damn shame I'm allergic to seafood. Sigh......
    Excellent answers, madam, and you're rocking that band.