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Saturday, November 21, 2009

thanks for weighing in (haha) on my scale dilemma

The thing that gets me is that I would think that I weigh more in the middle of the day than I did in the morning. In the morning I haven't eaten anything and I don't have clothes on! How can I be 3lbs heavier in that scenario than at the doc's office?

Right now it's not such a big deal but the slower the weight comes off the harder it will be to not choose the scale that is the lowest.


  1. Blasted scales - they are meant to torture us poor souls!!!

  2. my home scale caught up with the doc's scale this morning!

  3. Yes! That is awesome Nicole!

    I have to tell you, my regular (not band) doc has this totally official scale and it is 5 pounds lighter than my home scale even with my clothes on! At one point I became convinced the doc's scale had to be correct and mine was wrong - and I ran out and bought a new, fancy scale to prove it. Guess what: same exact weight as my old home scale. The doc's scale is wrong!

    But you don't need to worry about it now, you are down anyway!

  4. My scale has always been right on w/ my md's but after moving in w/ my mom, hers is off. I was 3 lbs lighter at my md's mid-morning AFTER eating breakfast. So I chose to take 2 lbs off my moms scale when I weigh.