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Saturday, November 14, 2009

stop ... turkey time

Stepped on the scale this morning and saw 294! That puts me at 27lbs down and only 5lbs to my turkey test goal. I know I can do it!

After my lovely win on the scale I headed to the breakfast table. We had my parents over this weekend for Billy Jr & Dalton's birthday parties. My mom had gone to get biscuits for breakfast. Now, I've had a biscuit or two since since surgery and everything has been just fine. This morning I ate a little bit of the egg from my biscuit (gotta get protein first) and then reached for a couple of french fries. I had two bites of the fries ... and then it hit me. I was stuck!

I got up, drank some hot coffee, and walked around the kitchen but nothing was working. I walked to the bathroom and it happened. My first PB. I knew it would happen eventually but why did it have to happen in front of all the kids and my parents? Though, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I just coughed and up it came. Needless to say I then had a protein drink for breakfast and only had cottage cheese for lunch.

I'd gotten so comfortable with my non-restriction that I think I had forgotten rule #1 - CHEW CHEW CHEW!!! I've got to remember that especially when it comes to the upcoming holidays. Good to know that my band is actually there.


  1. Oooh into the pb'ing now.. glurk! You seem to have handled it fine (thankfully) but lucky you to drink on top of it - that usually makes things 10 times worse from me. Always nice when we realise we DO actually have a band lol.. as strange as that sounds.

  2. You are a true bandster now that you have had a PB! I still have problems with PB'ing, even though I chew chew chew! You will learn what works and what doesn't! Congratulations on the weight loss and you will get to your goal....yay!

  3. Sorry you had to pb, but damn that breakfast sandwich looks good!! I haven't had one of those in months & that is my favorite kind!

  4. This really sounds like a productive experience (pun intended, sorta.) This is a great way to remind you that you must chew!!
    Keep up the great work and I am glad the PB wasn't so bad.
    I'm not banded yet and it kinda freaks me out-- but I am pretty convinced (see my blog today) that these episodes are what takes you further into learning the right habits.

  5. Congrats on the loss, I'm sure you'll meet your turkey day goal!