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Friday, November 20, 2009

who do you trust

I got my 2nd fill today with the lovely nurse practitioner. She told me that she won't be leaving the practice after all - even though she moved 2 hours away. She will still be there on Thursdays/Fridays for awhile longer. YAY! She put in another 1.5ccs giving me a total of 3ccs in my 14cc band. I do find it kind of odd that they don't remove the saline to check how much is in there before they put more in. How would we ever know if I sprung a leak or if they missed the port?

I weighed myself this morning (as every morning) before I got into the shower. My home Weight Watchers scale said 295. I was rather disappointed because that is 1/2 a pound heavier than I was over the weekend but I know that fluxuations occur so I tried not to be too sad.. I was then pleasantly surprised that when they weighed me at the doc's office fully clothed - I weighed 292. That's a 3 pound difference and I had on clothes! So now the big question is do I move my ticker? Do I automatically subtract 3lbs from whatever my home scale says?

Who do you trust?? Your home scale or the one at the doctor's office?


  1. Hey Nicole - I trust whichever one I started weighing on at the beginning (which is my home scale) at least when I'm trying to calculate the total amount I've actually lost. My neighbors scale weighs me about two pounds less than mine. Makes me feel great but I don't count it because it's not the scale I started on. Does that make sense?

  2. I totally agree with Jenny. I trust my home scale becuase that's the one I started with. The way I see it, getting an accurate picture of loss is more important than the number itself.

  3. I just go by my home scale, but when ever my dr. or nutritionist scale is down, mine at home isn't too far behind and catches up with in a few days... I think I weigh less in the middle of the day than at 6am...

  4. i decided to throw the scale out and go by the doctor scale (or my parents wii). the weighing everyday was driving me nuts.

    congrats either way on the weight loss. i was wondering myself about how do they know the saline went in???? i have a large band and no fills yet.

  5. I use my home scale for my actual measuremnt. I always weigh naked in the morning after going to the bathroom(for the lighest possible weight). I can't do all that at the Dr.

  6. I use my scale at home also. My dad actually gave me an old one from one of the medical offices he works at (an old fashion double beam). When I go to the drs I am wearing different clothing depending on the season and at different times. That can make a big difference at times.

  7. lol and the answer should be....neither?? No, I think I trust my own: at least I started my weight loss on this one and it was slightly different to my Doc's but it's not much so I'm not really bothered either way.

  8. Hi Nicole,

    I thought that they removed the saline to gauge the level each time we had a fill? I know my guy does............

    I love my WW scale....I might have turned into one of those scale whores??? every moring I go for a wee and if I'm lucky a pop and then weigh in......what's going on with us bandsters?

    Love Regie xxxxx

  9. I am total scale whore too when I am on a weight loss program-- and I hope to be a scale whore for life...
    It is kind of funny (not laughing AT YOU) that you're struggling over the ticker thing. I think it is a very worthy idea to consider HOW and WHEN to report your weight.... but I don't konw how I'll do it either.

    One surefire method is to use your own home scale (b/c you have the best access to it) and record your weight religiously each day. I've seen this done and you can even put it into various google or other formulas that will show a median weight loss.

    It is really up to you-- but I'd suggest choosing one method and sticking with it for your sanity!!

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  11. My md didn't check my full saline level until fill #4 and there was 2.5 cc's missing. Strange. So I think they just check at a certian fill or if you tell them certain things to lead them to believe you'd lost some. They can't REALLy explain why it happens.

    I usually use my home scale. Now living w/ my parents I didn'tk now how accurate my moms was. When I went to my md the other day, it was 2 lbs less than my moms scale. So now I subtract 2 lbs, I just want to be on the same page as my Md's and my old scale!