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Thursday, November 5, 2009

first fill

I saw the FNP today for my first fill. She added 1.5cc to my 14cc band. The poke hurt more than I thought it would but no big deal. I need to write down questions I have. I swear I had 2 or 3 in my mind before I went in there but as soon as we started talking I went blank.

There were several larger women sitting in the waiting room and I wondered which procedure they were getting/had gotten. Today was the first time I wasn't the largest person sitting there. It felt great. The doc says my initial weight was 321 not 320 so I changed my ticker to reflect that. With that extra pound, I am down 23lbs.

My mom was so excited. She asked me if I thought I would be down 50 by Christmas. I told her my goal for Christmas is 40lbs but that right now I am focused on my "turkey test" of 10% (32lbs). I can't wait to prove to everyone that the band works - even on people with a starting BMI of 50+.


  1. Yayy first fill out the way - now things really start happening to you. How cool is it your mum is excited and wanting you to lose for Xmas. Is that so she can buy you a lovely piece of clothing in a smaller size or something!! Now that would be great!
    Great weight loss so far. 23 pounds is rocking.

  2. You go girl!! You can do it... I hope this fill really does a great trick for you!

  3. YOu go girl! It is cool to be the smaller one in the room! You should've just asked the ladies! My md's office waiting room is very conversation and VERY educational! I haven't been like 6 wks now but I miss it, I need to get to it and schedule that damn thing! I hope the first fill goes well for you!